Sunday, October 4, 2009

¡"JAM FEVER" Claims the Life of HONKY GABACHO ["Boogie-Woogie Virus" part two]!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

¡"JAM FEVER" Claims the Life of HONKY GABACHO ["Boogie-Woogie Virus" part two]!

"¿Why", you might ask, "is this psychopath with a keyboard and internet access telling me all of this 'JAM FEVER' nonsense? What does it all have to do with me, and my comfortable, insulated, quiet New England existence this beautiful autumn day September 29, 2009 Anno Domini?"
Because, quite frankly, the scourge has reached your front door, and I write of this today not as a warning against it, but as a death knell of boogie-less Monday nights in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. You will catch the fever, and it will purge you.
¡THE HONKY GABACHO OPEN MIC EXTRAVAGANZA! of September 28, 2009, was not just "one for the history books".
It was one for the Religious tomes.
HONKY GABACHO started it off with a brief-but-electrifying set, followed once again by TRAVIS HOSEY'S dynamic and multifaceted folk-rock originals.
JEB was back again, as was JOHN, performing as JIBBAH AND THE ILLUSTRIOUS BONE, combining some of JEB's originals and a rousing finale of the Robert Johnson classic "Crossroads", as played by Cream, which featured a fantastically unorthodox break for an audience-participation "drum solo". Hands and thighs were clapped and tables were pounded and slapped by bar patrons for about twelve bars of the song, during which JEB and BONE all but stopped playing entirely.
The audience was credited at the end of the song for their impromptu "drum solo" as "the GINGER BAKERS."
The climax of the night, however, was the set by KUATO, replete with a spinning-kaliedoscope-light-in-front-of-the-bass-drum. They played seven funky, crunching, whirlwind originals with stop-on-a-dime changes at searing volumes which shook the tables, rumbled the guts, fried the brains and were probably totally unfit for any sentient being to endure under any but the most favorable circumstances...
..Last night was by far the most favorable circumstances of their young careers.
They played two encores, and the small crowd still shouted for more as they were breaking-down their equipment from the middle of the Brewery Lane Tavern's dining room floor...
The last act of the night was the HOSEY & HONKY SWEET-BOY PIN-UP REVUE, who took the stage just after midnight and didn't leave it until nearly one a.m. They jammed out on some of Honky Gabacho's JUGBAND CANNIBALA-originals: "Lonesome Electric Robert Pete Williams" and "Boca Sovacos", which segued-in from the [marvelously TRAVIS- sung] cover of Bob Dylan's "One More Cup of Coffee".
They also tackled HOSEY'S "Waffles", along with Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools" and Smoky Robinson's "I Second That Emotion".
By the end of the night, full-blown "JAM FEVER" had claimed the hearts, minds, groove-thangs, baby-makers and bad selves of dozens of unsuspecting patrons of Brewery Lane Tavern; the life/Chi/Cosmic Center of HONKY GABACHO, and from the looks of things, will not be losing momentum any time in the near, or even distant, future.
So come on down next Monday night at 9pm and catch "THE RAGIN' CONTAGION" fer yer own fine selves...

The first symptom will foot-tapping/ head-bobbing...
The next symptom is sock-rocking.

¡Take To Yer Trees, There's No Escape!
Sir Loudengreasey, Esq.

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