Sunday, October 4, 2009

¡HONKY GABACHO, SYNDICATE 19, and 500 Laser Beams Can't Go Wrong!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

¡HONKY GABACHO, SYNDICATE 19, and 500 Laser Beams Can't Go Wrong!
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Honky Gabacho and Syndicate 19 were givin' it to the patrons of Post Road Tavern in their earholes this Saturday night, and, of course, their advances were wantonly accepted. The crowd in the small bar whooped, hollered and danced in fits of "Non-Clear Channel/MUZAK"-induced soundlust [really, could you imagine turning your radio dial to WHEB or WCYY and hearing "Lonesome Electric Robert Pete Williams"?], as Honky chopped, popped, slapped and wailed through his set and Syndicate 19 scorched through two sets and an extended encore, playing crowd-favorite covers ["Black Betty";"Closer"; "Sober"] and excellent originals ["Don't Wait"; "Ready"; "OBC"].
Honky Gabacho's set list was as follows:
"Killing Floor"
"Pride 'n' Joy"
"I Want You Back"
"I Second That Emotion"
"Lonesome Electric Robert Pete Williams"
"Fat-Bottomed Girls"
"Let Me Love You"
"Hard To Handle"
"That's All I Need"
"I'm Your Nasty Shadow"
"Boca Sovacos"
It was another night chalked-up in the "success" column for Honky Gabacho and Syndicate 19 [aren't they all, though?], and hopefully not the last we'll be seeing of them on the same bill in the not-too-distant future. If you missed this incendiary Honky Gabacho set, you can see the abbreviated/abridged version this Monday, September 28, at 9pm at "¡THE HONKY GABACHO OPEN MIC EXTRAVAGANZA!" at Brewery Lane Tavern in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, along with Travis Hosey, KUATO, and... well... YOU, if you're a Seacoast musician with the night off on a Monday... And/or whoever else arrives in time to "make the list", which, by this one writer's humble estimation, will become prime real estate for local musicians in the coming months!

Until We Meat Again,
Over and Out,
Sir Loudengreasey, Esq.

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