Thursday, October 21, 2010

¡Kill Your Radio!: CDC Discovers "¡NoRotation!" Virus Infections in Southern Maine

¡It could happen to you, too!

Imagine your daughter. Your wife. Your neighbor or your mother or the head of the town PTA.

Imagine your girlfriend. Imagine that...

She's got a trans-dimensional boombox, bay-beh...

She found uh spot on it's dial,

So vulgar 'n' vile,

¡It's now uh CANNIBALLISTIC JUKEBOX, m' maah!

'Gonna substitue her glitz fer guile...

It was station WJBC,

Where the pestilence had

First broken free, like

A neon hyena, straddling the airwaves,

Deep as an earthquake, 'n' high as an air raid;

With a throb 'n' patter

Of ungodly chatter

From each peculiar platter

That the needle traversed.

There were whorls 'n' ripples in the

Records' spiral, like

Something VIRAL

Which her speakers dispersed...

Veronica Byzmuth, spokeswoman for the CDC's Department of BOOGIE-LOGICAL Defense, went on to say that the virus, dubbed NR-LXXI/ NR-71, is indeed "a wave-borne pathogen with the ability to travel through air, electronic devices and most liquids, infecting its host and inducing an almost catatonic state of hypnosis. Synapses fire at chaotic intervals; limbs swerve and jerk in improbable trajectories, as though the host is suffering from a meticulously well-coordinated seizure".

This is believed to occur in a sort of "sympathetic vibration" to the wave-forms caused by either an exceptionally cacophonous sonic onslaught, such as one induced by Boca Sovacos' REANIMATON BAND, or from the transmission of soundwaves off of a non-rotating phonograph record with elliptical spiralling.

The PSEU-DOO [ "Pseudo-Voodoo"] practice of "knuckle-lathing," as this record-production process is called, has been outlawed by the FCC, the CDC, the AARP, ASCAP and the Association for Unwed Teenage Megaphones for over 30 years for fear of another "¡No Rotation!" outbreak. An outbreak such as the one that is occurring in Southern Maine and Eastern New Hampshire at this very moment.

Mlle. Byzmuth, further illustrating the danger of this deadly menace, went on to describe the nature of NR-71's waveforms and organism as, "Lean, but spacious,

With a thirst voracious

And tendencies rapacious on the

Stem of the brain,

Thus rend'ring its victims

Mere shivering systems

Of flow and resistence

For it's hiccupped refrains.

And it spreads with the ease

Of airborne disease, with

Each pelvis it seizes by the

Breadth of it's maw,

Where mirages of heat

Collide and compete

And morph, but repeat this new

Physical law..."

Citizens are advised to lock their doors, turn off all radios and sonic devices, AVOID ALL DANCING/ PHYSICALLY RHYTHMIC ACTIVITIES and await further instruction from their local news stations via Closed Caption television, or from updates on this thread of the CDC's Andy Klosenski Boogie-logical Defense Facebook Blog.

Monday, September 6, 2010

¡After much ado, Honky Gabacho and the Jugband Cannibala are set to release the singles collection/ least-worst-of compilation ¡NO ROTATION!: THE BIRTH OF HERMIT-ROCK this fall, 2010 Anno Domini!

The album will feature cuts from The Jugband Cannibala's first three L.P.'s [ Johnny Got His Axe [RPM Challenge 2007]; American Toreador [2007]; ¡The Jugband Cannibala Take a Bride! [RPM Challenge 2008]... for the record...], along with an extra bonus instrumental recorded last autumn entitled "Pelvic Restriction."

Honky and the Jugband are currently taking no-obligation preorder requests here at,, and on Andy Klosenski's Facebook page. Copies of the album will be available for $10 each.

¡Over and Out!
Sir Loudengreasey, Esq.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Jul 14, 2010

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In even GREATER anticipation of the August release of ¡NO ROTATION!: The Birth of Hermit-Rock, Honky Gabacho and The Jugband Cannibala present the second installment of their savage catalog, August 2007's ¡American Toreador!, featuring the original "Rollinsford Cave"-recorded versions of "LXXI" and "Boca Sovacos," along with the opening/ title track and "I Got Aces," both slated to appear on ¡NO ROTATION! as well.

As with Johnny Got His Axe, this is available via Bandcamp through the link , and is also FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME.

So snuggle up to your speakers, push play, and let us get cozy witcha...

Sir Loudengreasey, Esq.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Jul 5, 2010

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In anticipation of the August release of the singles compilation, ¡NO ROTATION!: The Birth of Hermit-Rock, Honky and the Jugband are offering a free download of their RPM Challenge debut album, 2007's JOHNNY GOT HIS AXE, through Bandcamp .

Also, we are still accepting no obligation preorder requests on Facebook and HERE, at

¡Over and Out!
Sir Loudengreasey, Esq

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

¡Honky Gabacho's Solo Flight!: RPM Challenge 2010, and the Beginning of "The Caucasian Album"...

Strains of out-of-tune guitars are in the air, darting, fluttering and swirling about your speakers' stereo-field...
...the pulse of pounding, clanging Perscussive Clamour is jostling our equilibriums to a state of joyful confusion...
...the acrid breath of a growling choir of Honky Gabacho's pulls at our chests and blows our hair back in tufts, while each of those overdubbed mouths, at once cooing, condemning and cajoling, nibbles at our lips and earlobes...

The RPM Challenge is upon us once again, and this time, Honky and "the boys" will not be caught flat-footed as they were last year, when they quickly abandoned The Challenge due to the semantic difficulties of writing and recording whilst packing, organizing, and funding a 3000-mile trip back to the east coast.
However, as the Jugband have been entrenched in the completion [and eventual release of] ¡NO ROTATION!: The Birth of Hermit-Rock, along with ¡The Jugband Cannibala TAKE A BRIDE! [and, so we're told, basic intrumental tracks for yet another project...], Honky Gabacho will be "going solo" for this Challenge.
Honky will be tackling the as-yet-unrecorded compositions that will comprise THE CAUCASIAN ALBUM. As of this writing, he has over a dozen songs that are ready to record; scraps of others that will be tossed-around during the process; and, as recording/overdubbing is in fact one of Honky's favorite ways to compose, at least one wild-card, dark-horse candidate that could materialize at any time during the process.
"That's what 'Lonesome Electric Robert Pete Williams' was on the first RPM disc," he told me just the other day. "Also, 'Abba-Abbeah,' 'Dr. Monkeylove,' and 'I Was a Teenage Exorcism' were all concieved that way. I'm a relatively hands-on guy, and I think I'm most creative when I can see things actually materializing. Being raised on rock 'n' roll and recorded-music in general, or simply, music of electronic means and expression, I get very inspired by timbre.
"Also, I like the ragged, raw energy of a performance, and I think that's what I'll be focusing on a bit more with this project... along with capturing different and better sounds. This will be a continuation of the experimentation I started with 'Pelvic Restriction,' just adding different colors to my palette, so to speak."

For those of you who do not know about Honky, The JBC or ¡HERMIT-ROCK! in general [or, in the spirit of the ¡HERMIT-ROCK! moniker, " To Those of You Who HAVEN'T Been Living Under a Rock..."], The Jugband Cannibala, after several incarnations and false starts [most memorably, the preparation of the Andy Klosenski short-movie "Chew on Skin,"], got their legs under them for the first time while participating in the RPM Challenge back in February of 2007, which yeilded the album Johnny Got His Axe ["Barakas" and the aforementioned "Lonesome Electric" are songs of note from this effort].
By late August of the same year, a mere six months later, their second album, American Toreador, was completed... and just in time. Immediately after the completion of that album, Honky and his Gaggle of Sonic Pranksters relocated to the warm, sunny suburban culture-vacuum of Southern California's Rancho Cucamonga.
While living, working and rehearsing in "SoCal" [with the occasional visit to "L.A. proper"], the Jugband took up The Challenge once again in February of 2008, recording the album ¡The Jugband Cannibala TAKE A BRIDE! which, while long enough to satisfy the requirements of RPM, was considered by the band to be "incomplete," and therefore given the title "¡...Court a Bride!" instead.

Since then, Honky Gabacho has been playing solo gigs in the Northern New England area, and his Jugband Cannibala have been putting the "finishing touches" on what was the semi-official calling card of The JBC during their SoCal sojourn of "shopping around" their peculiar evolutionary anachronism of progressive-Caveman-boogie Rock: A strangely catchy little "singles collection" called ¡NO ROTATION!: The Birth of Hermit-Rock, which, as of this writing, is due for an "official"release in Spring, 2010.
They've also been putting ¡...TAKE A BRIDE! to bed finally, and have even begun an almost-jazzy, avant-funk project, called either "Pattern No-Pattern," "Drunkard's Strut," "Chaos Funk" or "¡Strange Attractor!" depending on which member you ask...

As for Honky... well... you'll find out about him soon enough...

...Like March 1st...

Keep Yer Ear to the Ground Till You Hear the Throb,
Sir Loudengreasey, Esq.