Tuesday, December 8, 2009

¡The Jugband Cannibala Take a Bride!

The Jugband Cannibala are back to work in the back woods of New England, tracking new[-ish] compositions and "elaborating" a couple of old ones in preparation of the first official release of ¡The Jugband Cannnibala Take a Bride!, the daring, avant-blues-metal album that began in Southern California, February 2008 [RPM Challenge], and has since languished, partially finished, in a state between purgatory and hyper-obscurity.

¡...Take a Bride! is down-and-dirty blues ["Kill, Murder 'n' Mame"] meets doom-and-gloom metal ["Valhalla Deferred"], with a little angst ["Crawling on my Belly"; "I Was a Teenage Exorcism"] and rabid-animal tone-howl ["The Brain-Eating Amoeba of Lake Havasu"; "Unwed Teenage Megaphone [Herself]"] thrown in for good measure.

Also featured will be the single "I'm Your Nasty Shadow," and the previously unreleased "Sparkhead Blues" and "¡Chucho Takes a Bride!/Cajon Pass."

After a number of setbacks, "the boys" are aiming for a Spring 2011 release of the new disc, as a follow-up to their newly-released "Least-Worst-Of..." compilation, ¡No Rotation!: The Birth of Hermit-Rock, which features cuts from their first three albums [Johnny Got His Axe (RPM Challenge 2007), American Toreador (2007), and the first two-thirds of ¡The Jugband Cannibala Take a Bride! (RPM Challenge 2008-pending)].

And, as if THAT weren't enough, HONKY GABACHO will also be releasing an entirely new solo platter, currently titled "HONKY GABACHO: The Caucasian Album".

¡So Keep Yer Ear t' the Ground Till Ya Hear the Throb!...
Sir Loudengreasey, Esq.